Monday, May 11, 2009

Do you have to soak sweet pea seeds before planting?

No, it does make them sprout a little faster if you do, but you also have to watch them closer. If you soak them and they begin to sprout, then they dry out they will die. I find it much better to plant them directly.

Do you have to soak sweet pea seeds before planting?
No, But some times it helps.
Reply:no,makes no difference.plant in normal way.
Reply:no ,but it takes longer for them to sprout
Reply:Yes.soak in warm water.I soak mine for 24 hours and they have never let me down yet !!
Reply:. They can rot if you soak them, try sanding instead.
Reply:DON'T ASK US!!

Plant twenty without soaking, twenty soaked, and twenty with the seed case (testa) chipped. Then you'll know the answer! Has anyone here tried it?

Use the above link for all the info you need on growing them.
Reply:Yes and my Dad used to file a fine slit in the outer shell.
Reply:Fairly certain I watched Alan Titchmarsh on Gardeners World - and he said it was a myth. I never do.
Reply:No but it helps. I always soak mine overnight in warm water then plant them out.
Reply:Either soak them overnight or nick the hard outer skin with a sharp blade.If you dont it just takes slightly longer to germinate.
Reply:yes you do overnight

put on a lid or plastic container and put in you hot press watch them for some are covered with a crust and this is just to protect the seed then they have a little green shoot coming out of the package plant.
Reply:You don't have to but they will germinate faster,just dont leave them in the water more than 2 days or they will rot,you can do the same with corn
Reply:If you have had problems with germination try giving them a helping hand. This is often called scarifying, soaking or chipping. The surface of the seed has a hard coating that stops moisture being absorbed and this can stop or reduce the germination of the seed. All that is needed to help this is for the outer surface to be scratched, rubbed or chipped away to allow the water to pass through. Use a small piece of emery paper to rub over the seed coat; or very carefully, using a sharp knife, chip away as mall piece of the seed coat at the opposite or furthest end of the seed to the "eye". Soak the sweet pea seeds in a bowl of hand hot water for 2 hours and then sow immediately.
Reply:The darker coloured seeds are usually much harder than the others. It is normally advisable to soak these for a day. If you sow the seeds in the autumn then i would definitely advise this.

Another tip for the harder seeds is to scuff them slightly with fine sandpaper, this also helps them germinate.

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