Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Selling sweet pea plants?


i would like to know how i should go about selling my own nursery produced sweet pea plants. they are all organically grown and supplied in trays of either 5, 10, 20 or 40.

where would be the best place for these to sell and what price do you think they will sell at (trade price)?



Selling sweet pea plants?
I hate to say it, but sell them cheap and FAST! If you don't unload them quickly, they will entangle each other with the tendrils. Here in the N.E., savvy gardners know that sweet peas are grown very easily from seed, and won't spend much for them. I'd get rid of them before you have to up-pot and provide staking. Think about planting them, and selling the cut flowers.
Reply:your best outlet would be at car boot sales,hopefully you have already planted the sweet pea's in pea tubes, when the first shoot reaches six inches long pinch out the tip as the flowering laterals grow from the base of the plant.

Good luck with you venture.
Reply:garage forecourt, £1.25 for 5
Reply:Sweet peas don't transplant very well, they're best direct seeded in the garden where they germinate and grow readily...but good luck, hope you can unload them before they are unusable.
Reply:You need to get some volume sales as soon as possible, so:

Car Boot sale; Sell to a market trader (you'll need to be up early!); sell at a local farmer's market; make a small display outside your local Londis / post office on some bread crates or approach any independant greengrocers in a larger town; local florist?; sign outside your house/gate? free ad in the local newspaper or Friday Ad; get in touch with local school PTA and see if you can send an order form home with the kids and donate 30-50% of any sales back to the school... I do hope you find new homes before they tangle up! Good luck :-)

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